17 11, 2020

20 Badges You Can Award To Your Online Community

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Awarding badges to your online community is a great way to keep your users engaged. Here are some of our recommendations for social badges you can easily integrate into your online community.  Note: These badge ideas can be used on any community or membership site, but the specific instructions provided for setting them up are meant to be completed on a BuddyPress community, using the BadgeOS Community [...]

9 11, 2020

Deconstructing the Reward System: A Look Into Codecademy

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Codecademy is an e-learning website offering a unique system to help students learn how to code. Their skill-based courses focusing on web development, programming, and data sciences have grown in popularity because of their practical applications.  Codecademy applies different strategies to make learning more fun and effective for their students with a “learn by doing” approach, real-world projects, and a gamification system. In this post, we’ll [...]

9 11, 2020

3 Reasons To Implement Employee Training Gamification

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Now more than ever, businesses are faced with greater challenges of connecting with employees. The future of remote working and an increasingly disengaged workforce has forced companies to experiment with innovative techniques to engage and motivate their staff, particularly when it comes to learning and development.   A 2019 survey from TalentLMS revealed that 89% of employees feel more productive and 88% feel happier with gamification tools [...]

21 10, 2020

22 Badge Ideas For Your Online Course

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Awarding badges in your online course is a great gamification strategy to engage and reward your students for their participation and performance milestones. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing some online course badge ideas that you can try on your e-learning site.   Motivate Your Newest Students Welcome To The Class! When users first register to create an account on your site, they are awarded this [...]

29 09, 2020

Using BadgeOS To Award Both Badges And Points

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Unlike what its name implies, BadgeOS gives you access to other gamification elements, beyond badges. Additionally, the BadgeOS plugin allows you to use points and ranks to build a reward system.  We have noticed some of our users are unaware of how BadgeOS can be used to award and deduct points to their users. Rather than using two separate plugins for badges and points, using BadgeOS [...]

29 09, 2020

TutorLMS and BadgeOS: Unlocking Gamification For Your Online Courses

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BadgeOS allows you to add game-like features to any website, introducing an element of fun for your users. With the free BadgeOS TutorLMS Integration, you can now seamlessly connect gamification elements to your e-learning site. The TutorLMS integration allows you to award achievements and badges and award or deduct points to students based on their course, lesson, and quiz related activity.  Here are Tutor LMS Triggers [...]

25 09, 2020

Expand Your Reward System with BadgeOS Zapier Add-On

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BadgeOS allows you to turn simple tasks into a game by implementing game-like elements to any WordPress site. Currently, we are able to provide users a wide range of triggers to award badges, points, and ranks through our core plugin and multiple integrations. We have also been working to provide you with more tools that allow you to expand the ways you can use BadgeOS to [...]

10 07, 2020

Different Ways To Use Gamification In A LearnDash Quiz

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Learning is a mentally stimulating activity on its own. This is why people are always on the lookout for new skills to learn online and are so eager to enroll in online courses. Yet, after completing the first lessons in a course, a lot of students experience a decline in motivation. It is important for those in the e-learning industry to keep evolving and finding [...]

17 08, 2019

BadgeOS 3.0 is Now Available!

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LearningTimes and the BadgeOS Team takes your feedback very seriously. As a result, we just have made some big changes! It is now easier than ever to engage and reward your audience using BadgeOS 3.0. What’s New in 3.0? 1) Rank Types. 2) Point Types. 3) Added Option to Select Point Type When Awarding Points with Achievements/Ranks. 4) View Earned Points on the User [...]

15 04, 2019

BadgeOS Add-ons Updated!

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LearningTimes in collaboration with LMSninjas has updated almost all the BadgeOS Free and Premium add-ons. We have added a bunch of cool features and fixed bugs reported by the users. So let’s get to some of the new features/updates of all the BadgeOS add-ons one by one. BadgeOS Report Add-on: The BadgeOS Reports Add-on adds a new Reports menu for BadgeOS admin users and [...]