10 07, 2020

Different Ways To Use Gamification In A LearnDash Quiz

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Learning is a mentally stimulating activity on its own. This is why people are always on the lookout for new skills to learn online and are so eager to enroll in online courses. Yet, after completing the first lessons in a course, a lot of students experience a decline in motivation. It is important for those in the e-learning industry to keep evolving and finding [...]

7 06, 2020

Good News! What Credly sunsetting means for BadgeOS users

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If you are one of the BadgeOS+Credly users, you may have seen the email about Credly sun setting its older platform.  Two years ago,  Credly acquired Pearson's Acclaim business to become an even stronger digital credentials platform.  While you may now connect your BadgeOS site to Credly's Acclaim network for an annual subscription fee, we have worked really hard in bringing the features you've enjoyed with [...]

11 12, 2019

BadgeOS Stands Alone

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We have been listening to you and one of the feedback themes we consistently hear is: “How can we create & issue standards compliant Open Badges” within our WP sites.  Releasing these two exciting new add-ons should help us all stand alone!    The BadgeOS Social Sharing add-on allows your users to share open badges on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more – directly [...]