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Reward your users with digital achievements

BadgeOS™ is a powerful free WordPress plugin that lets you easily create achievements and for your users. Join over 100,000 BadgeOS users and deploy seriously engaging online, mobile and in-person experiences on this most powerful platform for rewarding achievement and issuing digital badges.

Define an unlimited number of types and customize them as much as you like




Our extensive features

Design Beautiful

Create professional looking badge/point/rank by using our BadgeOS Builder right from within WordPress.

‘Required Steps’

Simple yet powerful admin interface for defining the “Required Steps” for any badge or achievement.

Reward User

Issue badges for any combination of achievements. Award points for commenting, logging in, making submissions, completing any combination of tasks.

Earned Achievements

Shows logged in users what badges/points/ranks they have earned. Option to choose which specific achievement/points/ranks types to display in the widget.

Shortcodes and
Shortcode Embedder

Shortcodes to bring submission and nomination review to the front-end of your site and to integrate specific available achievements into any post or page of your site.

Submission and Nomination

Easily review submissions and nominations from members. Approve or deny submissions with one click. Specify an unlimited number of email addresses for submission admin notifications.

BadgeOS in Action

See our extensive add-ons library

A growing catalog of free and premium extensions that enhance the functionality of the powerful BadgeOS system. And issue shareable badges as your users succeed

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