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Game & Reward Design

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to describe this will be with an example. Let’s say that you design a website with online courses that will help users to learn a certain skill. Usually, finishing up a course requires certain steps:

  1. Registering at the website
  2. Purchasing a course
  3. Watching course videos
  4. Submitting assignments
  5. Passing a quiz
  6. Leaving a review for the course
  7. Sharing the course on social media

Now let’s say that the users followed and completed all the tasks necessary to finish the course. They can receive points for each to-do finished with some flashy congratulations message. And then, these points could be transformed into experience that adds up to their level (progress). At the end of the day, you won’t just encourage your students to complete the full course but also help you spread the word and make more sales if you give them points for sharing the course on social media or adding it to their LinkedIn profile.

Reward design, in other words, is a bigger picture of what you’re trying to achieve by using gamification and how it will be implemented based on the interactions of your users with the website.

We’ll work together with your team on creating a gamification system that will help you achieve your goals, for example, increase user engagement, increase time your users spend on the website, encourage students to complete your courses, etc. We’ll also make sure that your naming convention is connected to your brand or you might use a naming convention that others understand. A really simple example of that is ‘beginner, intermediate, expert,’ or ‘bronze, silver, gold’ – a naming convention that will help people identify where they are in their learning journey and ideally that name and the badge metadata combined will help tell a really powerful story about the achievements earned.

Absolutely! We have a team of experts on board who will help you set up all the badges and make sure the reward system works like a charm.

Sure! BadgeOS has a lot of features out of the box, however, if some are not available, we’ll be able to custom develop them for you.

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