BadgeOS Congratulations Add-on


The “Congratulations” Add-on to BadgeOS automatically displays an overlay “pop-up” window (modal) congratulating users as they earn achievements.


Feature Highlights:

  • Notification is immediately displayed when achievements are earned
  • Displays one or more achievements in the same window
  • Message includes the specific badge image, BadgeOSCongratulations Text, and points (if any) associated with each achievement earned
  • Settings let you select which BadgeOS Achievement Types should trigger pop-up Congratulations messages when earned (display Congrats messages for just the Achievement Types you want to celebrate most or use it for all of them – you decide!)
  • Greets users when they login if achievements were earned in their absence (great for achievements awarded upon approval, by site admins, or for simply logging in!)


Congratulations add-on displays a pop-up overlay (modal) window on top of the current screen in real-time, as achievements or badges are earned:

When the Congratulations Add-on is active, the BadgeOS Settings let you designate the display of Congrats pop-up messages for specific Achievement Types:

Benefits of Congratulations Add-on:

  • Celebrate achievements in real-time
  • Encourage or incentivize your users to keep engaging and to take the next step, keeping their momentum going
  • Keep your audience wondering what activities they do or complete on your site may next trigger a feel-good moment 
  • Use the BadgeOS Congratulations Text in BadgeOS to make users feel great about their progress 
  • Great for activity or community triggers, where the user may not even realize they are completing steps towards an achievement  — like logging in a certain number of times, posting comments or forum messages, or completing an important grouping of achievements.
  • Put the spotlight squarely on user achievement at exactly the moment it happens! Neuroscience research indicates that these dopamine-releasing moments “prompt the brain seek future opportunities to repeat the action” (Willis). That means more engagement in your site and programs.

Praise for Congratulations Add-on:

“This is just what I have been waiting for! Now my users can experience the thrill of achievement, and be motivated to keep diving deeper in my site.”
– Rachel G., Chicago, IL, USA

“The Congrats add-on has really transformed the experience for learners on our site. We have witnessed first-hand the look on their faces when their achievements were recognized in such an immediate and visual way.  It’s perfect.”
– Curtis K., Toronto, ON, Canada


If you do not already have the free BadgeOS plugin™ plugin (version 1.4 or higher) activated, you will need to do so before using this Add-on.


Version 1.0.10


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If you have any questions about this addon, feel free to post in our public forum. You may also find answers to questions posted by other users. To read the addon FAQs, you can see the docs section.