6 11, 2013


2020-10-09T09:58:36-04:00 Comments Off on Leaderboards

Easily create, configure and add leaderboards to your BadgeOS site.

17 09, 2013

Credly Login for WordPress

2020-06-23T09:21:23-04:00 Comments Off on Credly Login for WordPress

Log in to any WordPress site using your Credly account, without creating a new WordPress username.

17 09, 2013


2020-11-10T07:58:16-05:00 Comments Off on Reports

Review achievement analytics and downloadable reports on your BadgeOS sites.

16 09, 2013

Invite Codes

2020-11-10T11:52:39-05:00 Comments Off on Invite Codes

Automatically join users to one or more specified BuddyPress Groups when they use a special Invite Code to join your site.

15 09, 2013

Guest Achievements

2020-11-10T11:50:20-05:00 Comments Off on Guest Achievements

A companion add-on to allow non-logged in users to earn achievements even before they join or login.