24 09, 2020


2020-09-24T07:09:59-04:00 Comments Off on BadgeOS REST API

Rest API Add-on allows you to use the WordPress REST API interface to connect your BadgeOS environment with external applications.

12 08, 2020

BadgeOS Nominations & Submissions

2020-10-13T13:49:56-04:00 Comments Off on BadgeOS Nominations & Submissions

Submission and Nomination add-on allow users to unlock achievements, points, and ranks through auto accepted submission and admin reviewed submissions and nomination.

23 07, 2020

BadgeOS Central Account

2022-03-15T15:52:42-04:00 Comments Off on BadgeOS Central Account

The BadgeOS Central Account add-on provides a mechanism where the BadgeOS points will be awarded from one specific central account and deducted points will be deposited to the same central account.

20 12, 2019

BadgeOS Transfer Points

2022-03-07T14:14:32-05:00 Comments Off on BadgeOS Transfer Points

BadgeOS Transfer Points is a great add-on of BadgeOS that can be used to transfer points of BadgeOS to another user. This add-on is compatible with BadgeOS 3.0 so it also supports different point types.