Interactive Progress Map


The Interactiveipm Progress Map (IPM) is a BadgeOS Add-on that allows a site creator create a map of the various achievement/rank types and indicate what have been completed and what remains to do. Using the short code embedder one can simply add an IPM short code to a page and those achievement/rank types and their activities display.

IPM short code

Users can see the activities that lead to earning the top badge/rank of that achievement/rank type.  Once an activity is completed a check mark displays so a user knows what they have done and what they still have to do.



When building an achievement/rank type the site creator can designate if it should be included in the IPM. The site creator can also include a description of or instruction for the achievement pathway.




The site creator can also customize the color of the check mark indicating completion.




Praise for the Interactive Progress Map:

“The Interactive Progress Map has saved me HOURS of work.  It allows my students to easily see where they are in the course.”
– Susan M., University of Wisconsin – Stout


If you do not already have the free BadgeOS plugin™ plugin (version 3.4 or higher) activated, you will need to do so before using this Add-on.