TutorLMS and BadgeOS: Unlocking Gamification For Your Online Courses

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BadgeOS allows you to add game-like features to any website, introducing an element of fun for your users. With the free BadgeOS TutorLMS Integration, you can now seamlessly connect gamification elements to your e-learning site.

The TutorLMS integration allows you to award achievements and badges and award or deduct points to students based on their course, lesson, and quiz related activity. 

Here are Tutor LMS Triggers available with our BadgeOS TutorLMS Integration add-on:

  • Passing any quiz or a specific quiz 
  • Passing a quiz from a specific course
  • Failing any quiz or a specific quiz 
  • Failing a quiz from a specific course
  • Meeting a minimum grade requirement on a quiz
  • Completing any or specific lessons
  • Completing any lesson from a specific course
  • Completing a course
  • Completing a course with a specific tag 
  • Subscribing to any course or a specific course

You can use these TutorLMS triggers to set up a wide range of rewards for your students. Here are a few ideas you can try:

  • Award students a new rank when they complete a course or lesson;
  • Award your student points when they pass or meet a grade requirement on a quiz;
  • Deduct points from a student when they fail a quiz;
  • Award a badge to students that subscribe to any course;
  • Award a “Committed Student” badge to students that pass a certain number of quizzes;
  • Reward students for passing their final exam with a badge;
  • Award your users a set number of points each time they complete a lesson;
  • Award a badge and points each time a user completes a course.

Are you interested in gamifying your TutorLMS website? We’d love for you to try out the BadgeOS TutorLMS integration! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below. If you need help designing a reward system for your TutorLMS e-learning site, please contact us.

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