15 07, 2014

Referring Links

2019-04-13T07:45:18-04:00 Comments Off on Referring Links

Allows users to earn achievements or badges on your site by clicking on a link that you can place virtually anywhere.

18 09, 2013


2019-08-19T11:49:47-04:00 Comments Off on Community

Issue badges for a range of community activity and display them on user profiles and activity feeds, through integration with BuddyPress and bbPress.

17 09, 2013

Activity Codes

2019-04-13T10:12:29-04:00 Comments Off on Activity Codes

Allow users to earn any Achievement by entering an "Activity Code" on any BadgeOS-enabled WordPress site.

16 09, 2013


2020-02-29T08:38:04-05:00 Comments Off on LearnDash

Instantly issue badges for lesson, course and quiz activity in the LearnDash learning management system.

15 09, 2013

Guest Achievements

2019-04-01T02:49:36-04:00 Comments Off on Guest Achievements

A companion add-on to allow non-logged in users to earn achievements even before they join or login.