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BadgeOS is designed to be a true operating system for turning any WordPress site into an engagement management application. It is built with expandability in mind to allow virtually anything to trigger and recognize achievement.

We maintain the source code for the core BadgeOS platform on GitHub. Please use Github to report issues or bugs, or to make suggested commits to the system. We encourage feedback and improvements.

BadgeOS on GitHub
Github Octocat

In addition, the core system can be extended through BadgeOS “Add-Ons”, WordPress plugins which hook into the core BadgeOS system and allow developers to customize the user experience, or BadgeOS-compatible plugins, which integrate BadgeOS functions. Our team continues to develop a range of Add-ons to BadgeOS that enhance core functionality with specialized functions, and we encourage others who are creating Add-ons to share them with the community as well.

Submit Add-Ons and Plugins

Check out the official BadgeOS Developer Documentation for making BadgeOS Add-ons or BadgeOS-compatible plugins.

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