3 Reasons To Implement Employee Training Gamification

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Now more than ever, businesses are faced with greater challenges of connecting with employees. The future of remote working and an increasingly disengaged workforce has forced companies to experiment with innovative techniques to engage and motivate their staff, particularly when it comes to learning and development.  

A 2019 survey from TalentLMS revealed that 89% of employees feel more productive and 88% feel happier with gamification tools in the workplace. Whether you are onboarding new employees or upskilling existing staff with new information and practices, gamification is an efficient tool to get the most out of your L&D strategy. Here at BadgeOS, we’re sharing with you three reasons a gamified learning portal is essential to level up your business.

3 Reasons To Implement Gamification In Employee Training

Provide the recognition your staff deserves 

Feedback is an imperative part of the learning process. However, in busy business settings regular and structured opportunities for recognition are not always possible. Gamification consists of using fun motivators to make tedious employee training seem fun to complete.


Some features you can use to incentivize employees include badges, points, and ranks, that are earned through progress and performance in company training activities. With LearnDash, TutorLMS, and LifterLMS integrations, BadgeOS, allow you to easily integrate gamification strategies to your employee training site for increased engagement and results.

Some ideas you can try include:

  • Reward employees with a special badge each time they complete a lesson.
  • Use ranks to create hierarchy levels that employees can reach when they earn a certain amount of points. The names of the ranks can be related to your company brand or can be taken from popular movies, like Star Wars. In this example, ranks in the hierarchy could be titled Youngling, Padawan, Knight, and Jedi Master.
  • Reward employees for passing quizzes or submitting assignments with points. You can even allow them to exchange collected points for gifts or other benefits.

You can also deduct points from participants based on certain actions, that indicate poor performance or low participation. This allows you to provide constructive feedback, highlighting areas for improvement in a friendly, relaxed manner. Feedback through this mechanism is useful as it can reduce staff intimidation and discouragement that can sometimes result from typical peer-to-peer assessments.

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Accelerate the pace of learning

Instilling motivation and competition among employees through leaderboards and awards will consequently accelerate the pace of learning. With 47% of learners wanting to learn at their own pace, gamification models offer accessible and encouraging ways to bring employees up to speed with the company’s organizational objectives. Add-ons such as an Interactive Progress Map and Leaderboards help you entice employees to further their L&D productivity, by creating a sense of achievement and competition.

Leaderboards, for example, can be displayed on your employee training site, highlighting the results of employees with the best performance. Checking out coworkers’ progress and turning training into a friendly competition can completely change the way your employees feel about the learning experience.

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At the same time, Interactive Progress Maps allow you to showcase employee progress in a visual way. On the map, employees can take a look at what rewards they have earned and which ones remain pending. The sense of achievement that results from watching themselves progress through the map can be a powerful motivator driving them to stay active in their training.

Foster a fun and collaborative working space 

Businesses cannot underestimate the question of ‘what’s in it for me?’ in the minds of employees when it comes to L&D. A gamified learning portal instills a fun and engaging structure that will get staff excited about learning, their jobs, and your organizational objectives. When each lesson, quiz, and assignment represents a milestone in a game, rather than a chore, completing required employee training becomes enjoyable and easy to get through.

Additionally, a gamified employee learning portal allows workers to increase their sense of community.

Add-ons such as Nominations & Submissions generate a collaborative training environment where employees, whether it be team members or line managers, can nominate specific users for specific achievements. You can also award badges, points, and ranks to users for joining student groups.

It’s time to transform your training  

The benefits of a gamified learning portal are clear – and our team at BadgeOS is here to help. If you have any questions about gamifying your employee learning portal with BadgeOS, please get in touch.

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