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Badge Design

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a unique reward system designed specifically for your brand, you might want to equip it with badges that are consistent with your brand design and tell a story about your user’s achievements. For example, if your mascot is a ninja, your levels might be called: Newbie, Apprentice, Shadow Fighter, The Warrior, and The Legend and then each level will have a badge with a ninja of that level. Our designers will work on the concept or use your existing brand guide to make sure the badges are meaningful and memorable.

Absolutely! We’ve worked with dozens of projects, big and small, and will be glad to apply some of the best practices we learned over the years.

Of course! We have a team of experts on board who will help you set up all the badges and make sure the reward system works like a charm.

Contact us with the following information and we’ll take it from there:

  • Description of your reward system, if you have one designed.
  • Details about your company/organization and the project that needs gamification.
  • Your brand and style guides (optional).

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