TutorialsWe’ve prepared a series of video tutorials to guide you through configuring, customizing, and getting started using your BadgeOS installation. Topics include:

            1. Constellations BadgeOS - Why you should know the big picture before you begin.
            2. Back End – A look at the technical side of how BadgeOS rests on WordPress.
            3. Achievements – Every badge begins as an achievement.
            4. Add Content – A simple process for populating your achievements.
            5. Complete Steps – This is the crucial piece that defines whether achievements are automated or require review.
            6. Theme Navigation – Themes are like the window dressing of the site, but you have to make sure your users can navigate.
            7. Navigating Short Codes – Simple WordPress short codes add functionality.
            8. Widgets – Widgets on the side add functionality and additional navigation for your users.
            9. Registration – Make sure your users can get on your site.
            10. No Comment – How to turn off the commenting feature.
            11. Activity Message – Have a wall-like activity feed to enhance the social nature.
            12. Credly – How BadgeOS integrates with Credly.
            13. Groups – BuddyPress groups and BadgeOS.