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Self Service Guide

Most common issues

From our experience, most issues are caused by:

  • Outdated software on your site
  • Conflict with your theme or another plugin
  • Wrong configuration
  • Help with customizations

Outdated software

Keeping software up to date better protects your website against hacking. The latest versions of WordPress, BadgeOS and BadgeOS add-ons, as well as your theme and other plugins, often have bug fixes that resolve the current trouble you’re having.
Probably, you have heard the same over and over again, but, updating your software is the best way to avoid conflict and security issues.

Theme and plugins conflicts

Almost half of the tickets we receive are related to issues caused by conflicts with third-party themes and plugins.
To troubleshoot theme and plugin conflicts we created this guide about how to perform a theme and plugins conflict test.

Configuring BadgeOS

Much of the tickets are related to setting up different aspects of BadgeOS. The most common mistake is confusing Achievement types with the achievement itself (like a badge, a quest, a mission, etc).
We encourage you to study our documentation, join the Facebook community group, post on the community forum, or use the services of our consulting and development partners.
In either way, always good to get started with the Introduction video and Achievement types.

Help with customizations

BadgeOS itself does not offer any customization service. However, the team behind BadgeOS’s Development and Support has offered to partner with us and fill the gap for customization services. They have already worked with several very large scale BadgeOS sites in creating custom triggers, integrations with other plugins, and 3rd party apps like Zapier, full site builds and more. You can reach out to them through the contact form here.