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Contacting Support

Our team at BadgeOS is working very hard to make our plugin and add-ons as effective as possible. Nonetheless, bugs and technical issues can occur from time to time, as the plugin is tested in diverse website environments. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to contact support for help, follow this guide when writing your support message, to guarantee a fast resolution.

Be Specific

We understand that encountering plugin issues on your website is frustrating. Our support team is committed to helping you resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Providing customer support with specific and complete information gives them a better chance to identify and fix problems in less time.

When you are drafting a message for the support team, make sure to cover the following points:

  • What is the issue and what plugins does it involve?
  • If something is not working, please specifically share what do you expect to happen and what is actually happening? 
  • When did the issue occur or how did it come to your attention?
  • If a particular achievement, rank, point award, or setting is not working, please share the specific configurations used.

This information will allow support to understand the issue and provide them the details to try to recreate the behavior in our own environment. It also gives our team a chance to clarify any misunderstanding in expected behavior.

Provide Additional Information

Additional data can help our support team get a clear picture of your current situation. If you are having problems with specific settings or configurations, including screenshots or a short video that shows the configurations can go a long way to speed up the solution of any issues. 

In case that the issue you are presenting is specific to your website’s environment, our support team might also need admin access to your website or a staging site. If you suspect you might be experiencing an issue that is unique to your site, supplying login credentials from the initial message can help us pinpoint the issue from the start.

When you supply all crucial information, the support team won’t have to request it later on and can start working on finding a solution right away.