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Activity Codes

This Add-on to BadgeOS allows users to earn any achievement by correctly entering a code.


BadgeOS™ turns your WordPress site into an achievement and badging system. And with the BadgeOS Activity Codes Add-on enabled, achievements can be awarded to users by their entry of a valid code.

  • Features:
    • Adds a new “Earned by” option to every Achievement for the entry of a unique “Activity Code”
    • When Activity Code option is selected, a submission area displays on the respective achievement page
    • Codes entered are validated in real time, with immediate response and achievement awarding to user
    • Includes a special “BadgeOS Activity Code Input Widget,” so users can enter codes and earn achievements from anywhere on your site
    • Widget settings include option to rename the Activity Code default text and submit button text
    • Includes a special “shortcode” so you can embed an Activity Code input area within any page or post
    • Lockout Time parameter set per achievement allows you to prevent the same user from entering the same Activity Code more than once in a given time period
    • Easily edit or delete any code at any time to disable further use
  • Example Uses:
    • Provide Activity Codes to users to reward off-line achievements
    • Use Activity Codes for easy achievement and badge awarding from mobile apps and kiosks running BadgeOS
    • Offer Activity Codes as “claim codes” for accepting badges for any offline or independently verified accomplishment
    • With Credly enabled for a given achievement, every user is just quick code entry away from earning a badge that instantly appears in their lifelong portfolio of achievements for safekeeping, display, and sharing on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or the Mozilla Backpack
    • Reward attendance at events with Codes that can be entered to earn badges, points or other achievements.


This plugin adds a new “Activity Code” option to the “Earned By” menu when defining achievements in BadgeOS:

BadgeOS Activity Code

Customizable “Activity Code Input Widget” lets users enter codes and earn achievements anywhere on your site. The widget settings include option to customize the widget text:

Activity Code Input Widget for BadgeOS

The Activity Code Input area returns immediate feedback about the achievement earned or an appropriate message if the code entered is not valid for use:

BadgeOS Activity Code Responses

A special shortcode lets you place Activity Code input areas anywhere on your site, including in-line on any page or post:

Activity Code Entry Area for BadgeOS


If you do not already have the free BadgeOS plugin™ plugin (version 1.4 or higher) activated, you will need to do so before using this Add-on.

 Recommended Related Add-on:

  • Guest Achievements: A free companion add-on to Activity Codes allows users who are not yet logged in to your site to enter Activity Codes to earn achievements. Users are encouraged to sign in or join so that their pending achievements can be associated with their account.


Version 1.1.5



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If you have any questions about this addon, feel free to post in our public forum. You may also find answers to questions posted by other users. To read the addon FAQs, you can see the docs section.