Guest Achievements


Guest AchievementsThe “Guest Achievements” Add-on is a companion plugin that allows users who are not yet logged into your site to earn achievements triggered by select BadgeOS add-ons once they do login.

With the “Guest Achievement” add-on activated, users will be awarded the achievement upon logging in or joining your site. Until they login, the earned achievement will be displayed to them in the “BadgeOS Earned Achievements” widget (if active), with a teaser prompt to login or join the site to claim the recently earned achievement.

The add-on allows site visitors to experience the great feeling of earning achievements even before they have joined or logged in. It encourages users to take their relationship with your site one step deeper by becoming part of your community or logging to the site.

The Guest Achievements add-on may currently be used in association with the Referring Link Add-on, which allows users to automatically earn achievements when clicking on a link placed anywhere, and the Activity Codes Add-on, which allows badges to be earned by entering valid claim codes.