Who’s Keeping Score? The New Leaderboard Add-on for BadgeOS

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BadgeOS LeaderboardsThe new Leaderboards Add-on — one of the most requested extensions to date — lets you easily create, configure and add leaderboards to your site.

BadgeOS™ turns your WordPress site into an achievement and badging system. And with the BadgeOS Leaderboard Add-on enabled, your site users can see how they stack up against other achievers.

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This plugin adds a new “Leaderboards” option to the “BadgeOS” menu. Add as many Leaderboards as you like. Choose which columns to show and what metrics to track.

Leaderboard Example

Place Leaderboards anywhere on your site, including in-line on any page or post, using a simple shortcode. Hide or show user avatars or profile links if you have BuddyPress installed and configure other settings, like the number of users to show and the default column to sort by when the leaderboard loads.

BadgeOS Leaderboard Settings

A customizable “Leaderboard Widget” lets you choose what Leaderboard to show, and configure multiple display options:

Leaderboard Widget on BadgeOS

More about Leaderboard Features:


  • Create as many leaderboards as you like using a new Leaderboards menu in BadgeOS.
  • Choose the metric by which users should be ranked (points, the number of earned badges, or the number of any other earned achievements types you specify).
  • Configure each leaderboard so that is displays points, badges, and/or any other achievement type.
  • Add the shortcode provided for each leaderboard to any post or page on your site to instantly show the leaderboard.
  • Additional shortcode parameters available include: number of users to display; the default sorting metric; whether to show user avatars and profile links (if BuddyPress enabled).

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

  • Leaderboard Widgets: Choose any leaderboard to display as a widget. Options allow you to choose a title, the number of ranked users to show, the default sort metric to use, and whether to show user avatars and links to user profiles (if BuddyPress enabled).
  • Displayed leaderboards can be sorted by clicking the top of any column.
  • Leaderboard data updates automatically.
  • Refresh the data generating a leaderboard at any time.
  • Multiple leaderboards can be displayed in a single page or post.
  • Embed your leaderboards anywhere on your site!


Example Uses:

  • Celebrate the leaders in your community or site
  • Encourage or incentivize others to get more involved
  • Create a sense of healthy competition to deepen engagement and progress
  • Showcase user success through multiple dimensions; each leaderboard you create can encourage a different category of involvement or achievement
  • Embed leaderboards in exactly the right place on your site to give users a push to get involved

Praise for Leaderboards:

“The plugin is amazing.  Exactly what we wanted.”
– John L., University of Illinois, Springfield

“This is a perfect addition to our BadgeOS site. We love the flexibility to define our own leaderboards. Thank you!
– Daniel S., New York City

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