The New ‘Congratulations’ Add-On to BadgeOS

  • Congrats Add-on for BadgeOS

Congrats Add-on for BadgeOSThe new “Congratulations” Add-on to BadgeOS automatically displays an overlay “pop-up” window (modal) congratulating users as they earn achievements.

Feature Highlights:

  • Notification is immediately displayed when achievements are earned
  • Displays one or more achievements in the same window
  • Message includes the specific badge image, BadgeOS

    Congratulations Text, and points (if any) associated with each achievement earned

  • Settings let you select which BadgeOS Achievement Types should trigger pop-up Congratulations messages when earned (display Congrats messages for just the Achievement Types you want to celebrate most or use it for all of them – you decide!)
  • Greets users when they login if achievements were earned in their absence (great for achievements awarded upon approval, by site admins, or for simply logging in!)

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Congratulations add-on displays a pop-up overlay (modal) window on top of the current screen in real-time, as achievements or badges are earned:

BadgeOS Congratulations Pop-Up Window

When the Congratulations Add-on is active, the BadgeOS Settings let you designate the display of Congrats pop-up messages for specific Achievement Types:

BadgeOS Settings for Congrats Add-on


Benefits of Congratulations Add-on:

  • Celebrate achievements in real-time
  • Encourage or incentivize your users to keep engaging and to take the next step, keeping their momentum going
  • Keep your audience wondering what activities they do or complete on your site may next trigger a feel-good moment 
  • Use the BadgeOS Congratulations Text in BadgeOS to make users feel great about their progress 
  • Great for activity or community triggers, where the user may not even realize they are completing steps towards an achievement  — like logging in a certain number of times, posting comments or forum messages, or completing an important grouping of achievements.
  • Put the spotlight squarely on user achievement at exactly the moment it happens! Neuroscience research indicates that these dopamine-releasing moments “prompt the brain seek future opportunities to repeat the action” (Willis). That means more engagement in your site and programs.

Praise for Congratulations Add-on:

“This is just what I have been waiting for! Now my users can experience the thrill of achievement, and be motivated to keep diving deeper in my site.”
– Rachel G., Chicago, IL, USA

“The Congrats add-on has really transformed the experience for learners on our site. We have witnessed first-hand the look on their faces when their achievements were recognized in such an immediate and visual way.  It’s perfect.”
– Curtis K., Toronto, ON, Canada


If you do not already have the free BadgeOS plugin™ plugin (version 1.4 or higher) activated, you will need to do so before using this Add-on.

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