BadgeOS v1.4 Released!

  • BadgeOS 1.4

Latest Edition Makes it Easier than Ever to Engage and Reward Your Audience

BadgeOSWe’re delighted to announce the latest release of BadgeOS, the powerful, free achievement and engagement management system, is now available!

The centerpiece of BadgeOS v1.4 is the new BadgeOS Shortcode Embedder, which allows you to easily add BadgeOS components — such as badges, achievement lists, and submissions — to any page or post using a WYSIWYG configuration panel.

Other highlights of v1.4 include: a trigger to earn an achievement by commenting on a specific post; the ability to filter submissions based on BuddyPress group membership (with updated free BadgeOS Community Add-on); a range of notifications based on the status of submissions and nominations; and many more requested additions and updates.

The v1.4 release follows a very productive development and beta release period which included many contributions and suggestions from the BadgeOS community.

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BadgeOS Shortcode Embedder

Anywhere you see the WordPress WYSIWYG toolbar, you’ll now also see the BadgeOS Shortcode Embedder. One click and you have the option to configure and insert any BadgeOS component.


What’s new in v1.4.0?


  • Added: BadgeOS Shortcode Embedder – Easily add and configure BadgeOS shortcodes in any content area of your site.
  • Added: BadgeOS Shortcode registration API – Easily add support for new BadgeOS-related shortcodes and modify existing shortcodes with automatic support for the BOS Shortcode Embedder and help page.
  • Added: Submission Manager Role selector – allow users to moderate submissions without granting them full access to BadgeOS administration.
  • Added: Submission Notification Admin Settings – Specify an unlimited number of email addresses in a comma-separated list for submission admin notifications.
  • Added: Submission Notifications to users who have made a submission.
  • Added: Several new submission notification types: new submission, new comment, and submission status change
  • Added: User Email Notification Setting – Users can opt-out of email notifications in the profile editor.
  • Added: New trigger for commenting on specific posts.
  • Added: Many hooks for modifying shortcodes, submission lists, and more.
  • Added: Baseline support for renaming achievement types, including the auto-migrating all achievements (and user earnings) from original achievement type to the new.

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  • Added: Helper functions for checking if user meets BOS management roles.
  • Updated: Submission status can now be altered on the front-end from approved to denied or back again.
  • Updated: Admin area for editing a submission now uses the same approve/deny buttons as the rest of the site.
  • Updated: Submission Lists are now highly customizable via WP hooks. The search input, filter inputs, and even the results can be altered programatically.
  • Updated: Revised trigger for commenting on posts to only award when comment is approved.
  • Updated: BadgeOS management role selector is hidden on the settings page to non-admins.
  • Updated: Badgeos management role selector now excludes contributor and subscriber roles.
  • Updated: Many, many internationalization enhancements. Help us release BadgeOS in your language!
  • Fixed: Rewrite rules automatically flush when a new achievement type is added (or an existing is renamed).
  • Fixed: BadgeOS settings can now be modified by the minimum selected management role.
  • Fixed: Prevent users from repeatedly earning auto-approved submissions
  • Fixed: Submissions List status filter now indicates the displayed status on page load
  • Fixed: Several minor bugs.


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