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Update to WordPress Achievement Management System Adds Greater Flexibility, More Customization Options

BadgeOS v1.1We’re happy to report that BadgeOS v1.1 is now available. This latest release permits even greater flexibility in integrating BadgeOS functions and achievements into your WordPress site.

We’ve amped up the availability and versatility of shortcodes, given you the option to review incoming submissions and nominations on the front-end of your site, and enabled members of your site to see the history and status of their submissions. There’s also some new automatic triggers available (award achievements when users publish new posts and pages), the option to show users their point total in a sidebar widget, and the ability to embed an achievement or just its submission box inside the content of any other post or page. We’ve also made some bug fixes, thanks to reports from the field.


Highlights of BadgeOS Version 1.1:

  • Front-end Review of Submissions and Nominations: BadgeOS v1.1 now has an updated approach to reviewing Submissions and Nominations. You can embed a shortcode with a range of flexible parameters to any page or post on your site, transforming it into a convenient inbox/outbox for submissions and nominations. BadgeOS admins see all submissions, and users see just their own. Now your site’s users have a single page to see all of their accepted, declined and pending submissions from across all your submission-enabled achievements. The shortcode supports parameters for doing things like setting the default view, whether to show the filter menu, search box, attachments or comments. The flexibility of the shortcode lets you get creative and tailor the submissions review to your own context. Do things like create one page for just pending entries, and another for approved. The possibilities are exciting.
  • New “Required Steps” automatic triggers: Award an achievement or badge when a user publishes a new post or a new page.
  • Extended the Submission/Nomination Box Shortcodes: BadgeOS now allows one to embed a submission or nomination form field for a specific achievement into any existing page or post. This has great potential. Imagine including a call for suggestions, ideas or attachments in any blog post or page on your site. Set up a badge or achievement for the best ideas, drop the submission box shortcode into your blog post, and now users can earn a badge or recognition for their interaction with you or for sharing their feedback.
  • Embed an achievement or badge in any post or page: We’ve added a new shortcode (badgeos_achievement) to display the details of a single achievement within any post or page. It will show the badge image, title, excerpt and include a link to the single page for the given achievement. This is a really powerful way to blend achievement opportunities into any aspect of your site.
  • Shortcode documentation: See the updated Shortcodes page on this site (or the Help/Support page of your badgeOS plugin menu) for details on all shortcodes and parameters.
  • Earned achievement message: We’ve now added a message area on individual achievement pages to indicate to the user if they have earned the achievement. This also includes the text from the achievement “Congratulations” field. This is a great way to encourage users and reinforce progress and next steps.
  • Credly Issuer Widget: Link to your Credly profile page with this convenient Credly Credit Issuer seal widget.
  • Achievements widget and points:  The BadgeOS Achievements widget has been updated to offer an option to display a user’s total points.
  • Updated: New filter for controlling whether or not a user is allowed to spring a trigger
  • Updated: New “attachments” section in the admin back-end for easy review of any artifacts attached to each Submission.
  • Various fixes.


Get BadgeOS v1.1

Download BadgeOS v1.1 now from the plugin directory, upgrade your installation from the Plugins area of your current site, or contribute code, suggestions or feedback on the BadgeOS GitHub site.


Thank you!

Special thanks to the rapidly growing community that has embraced BadgeOS and has offered contributions, ideas and feedback to keep making BadgeOS the go-to platform for transforming any website into a true system for demonstrating and acknowledging achievement. Here’s just a few shout-outs to some of the community members you can thank for their input on v1.1 improvements:

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