BadgeOS 2.0 is here, what’s new?

We just released BadgeOS 2.0 with some “Major” Updates!

LearningTimes is very excited to announce the release of BadgeOS Version 2.0. Built in collaboration with LMSninjas, BadgeOS 2.0 is the first of several significant releases you can expect in the next few months.  

This update is a Big one.

Not only have we implemented some new features that our users have asked for, but we also worked on some “behind the scenes” coding gremlins and have brought the code up to speed with recent PHP and WordPress best practices. 

There are six new features designed for you to add more gamification into your WordPress sites.

Before diving into the details, we would like to thank all of our users who have trusted BadgeOS and used it on your WordPress websites over the years, and to those of you who provided recommendations and suggestions. Your feedback has played an instrumental role for us in setting up the road map for the future of this Plugin.

So without further ado, let’s get to some of the new features you can expect in this version!

  • Multiple Achievement Listing” shortcodes on the same page:

This version allows you to add more than one ‘multiple achievement listing’ shortcodes on the same page.

  • Points Deduction:

Yes here’s where it gets interesting, now you can deduct the user’s BadgeOS points if the user performs a specific event. All you have to do is just put a negative value in the “Points Awarded” field under “Achievement Data” at edit/add badges/achievement page.

  • New trigger “Not login for X days”:

We have also introduced a new trigger called “No login for X days”.

With this trigger, you can set an achievement or even deduct the user’s BadgeOS points, if the user hasn’t logged in since “X” number of days.

  • Revoke Earned Badges in Bulk:

Now it is very easy to revoke the users’ earned badges in bulk (multiple at a time). You just have to select all the desired badges at user’s info page and click at “Revoke selected” button.

Behind The Scenes Improvements:

In addition to the features described above this update includes modifications to the core structure of BadgeOS also. For those of you who are developers, you will appreciate these improvements.

Take a look!

  • Added Trigger Info in User Achievement Meta:

Our ninjas have added a script to add triggers information in user achievement meta. Now in the database, we can save all those steps completed by the user to earn an achievement.

  • Upgraded CMB Script:

CMB (Custom Meta-Box) is a meta-box, custom fields, and forms library for WordPress.  To make BadgeOS plugin up to date, we have upgraded cmb1 script to cmb2 script.

Bug Fixes:

  • Specific Post Comment Trigger Issue:

Specific post comment trigger issue has been fixed. Now the badge/achievement will only be awarded if the user commented on a specifically mentioned post.

  • Deletion of “Related Step Post Type”:

Now if the admin deletes an unused badge, on deletion, the “related step post type” will also be deleted from the database.

  • Dependent Achievement Loop Issue:

Dependent Achievement Loop Issue has been fixed. Achievements will be awarded only for a defined number of times.

  • “All Achievement” Trigger Badges are Awarded as “Any Achievement”:

“All achievement” trigger badges are awarded as “Any achievement” trigger has been fixed. So now both triggers are working individually.

  • Infinite Loop Issue:

Infinite loop issue for “Any Achievement of Type” has been fixed. With this fix, “Any Achievement of Type” trigger will not go into an infinite loop and awarded only for a single time.

  • Permalink Issue on the User Profile Page:

Permalink issue on the user profile page when the actual badge is deleted has been also fixed. Now if the admin deleted any useless badge, the permalink of that badge will remain unchanged and works fine.

  • Sequential Step Logic Issue:

Sequential step logic issue has been fixed. If the admin checked the “Sequential Step” option under “Achievement Date” at add/edit” Badge/achievement” page, now the badge/achievement will only be awarded if the user completes all required steps in a predefined sequence.

The Goal of This Release

The goal with this release was two-fold: first, we wanted to get you some new amazing functionality (Point deduction feature, Bulk badges deletion feature and the new triggers).

The second purpose was to fix all major/minor bugs present in the BadgeOS plugin. Plus to make the core plugin up to date by using cmb2.

Let us know if you have any questions about the new version in the comments below. We are all ears and very eager to see your feedback.

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