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AASLHThe American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) offers a program called Project Management for History Professionals, which is a series of onsite and online workshops providing formal project management training to history professionals. The program utilizes a BadgeOS-powered WordPress site as the home for of the online learning activities and discussions. The goal of the program is to improve how history museums operate by bringing in the expertise of professionals from outside their core discipline to teach the fundamentals of project management to history professionals.

About the BadgeOS Site:
The BadgeOS site is organized around eight modules, each with a series of required assignments. The modules and assignments were each created as a unique BadgeOS Achievement Types. The modules are set to be “earned by” completing steps, and those required steps are set to be the completion of each assignment. Assignments contain embedded media, such as video/slide presentations, and each asks participants to submit homework that relates to each stage of project management. One final sharable badge is awarded when all eight modules are complete. That badge is automatically issued to each earner’s account on Credly, where each recipient can choose to display it, share it on social networks or send it to the Mozilla Backpack.

Site Specs:
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[tabs style=”vertical”] [tab title=”Basics”]Project Name:
AASLH “Project Management” Online Workshop

Badge Issuer:
American Association for State and Local History

Training for history professionals[/tab] [tab title=”BadgeOS Settings”]BadgeOS Achievement Types:
Modules consist of a series of Assignments. Completing all Modules earns a final sharable Badge.

A final sharable badge, issued via Credly.[/tab] [tab title=”Other WP Plugins”]Register Plus Redux: for customizing the standard WordPress registration page with additional fields, and setting up an invitation code to limit membership on site only to invited workshop participants

Restrict Content: to set which site pages should be viewable only to site members, limiting access to workshop content to participants only

List Category Posts: to create a Discussions page summarizing all of the modules with active discussion threads/comments

Duplicate Post: to facilitate cloning modules with recurring formatting

Sidebar Login: to add a sidebar widget for easy participant login to site[/tab] [tab title=”Theme”]Base Theme: Catch Box[/tab]

[tab title=”Sample Badge”]

AASLH PM Badge[/tab] [/tabs]

Site Snapshot:

AASLH Project Management

Services Provided:
Instructional Design / Badge Constellation: The BadgeOS team worked with the AASLH subject matter expert leading the workshop to organize the content for online delivery.

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