New Integration: Add Gamification To Your MemberPress Site With BadgeOS

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This year we have been releasing several new add-ons, including integrations to help you gamify your membership sites. We are happy to announce that the new BadgeOS MemberPress Integration is now available for download! 

This free BadgeOS integration allows you to implement gamification elements to your MemberPress membership site. The add-on allows you to award achievements, points, and ranks to your users based on their membership-related activities.  Here are some of the ways in which you can use these different rewards to increase engagement on your site:

  • Create a hierarchy for members using BadgeOS ranks to keep members engaged. For example, you could create a system where members that enroll in the most memberships will be awarded higher ranks.
  • Allow users to earn badges and points for subscribing to a membership.
  • Increase interest on a specific membership by creating an exclusive badge earned for subscribing to that membership.
  • Introduce a sense of healthy competition by showcasing user points, badges, and ranks in a leaderboard, using the Leaderboard Add-on
  • You can revoke achievements/ranks from users when their membership is canceled or expired. In order to avoid losing the rewards they have already collected, your members will be more likely to remain active on the site.

BadgeOS MemberPress Triggers

You can use the following action to trigger achievements, ranks, point awards, or point deductions:

  • Award achievement, points, ranks on enrolling into a membership level.
  • Award achievement, points, ranks on enrolling into free membership.
  • Award achievement, points, ranks on enrolling into a paid membership.
  • Award achievement, points, ranks on enrolling into subscription membership.

Note: Achievements and ranks are revoked by default when a membership is canceled or expires.


If you are a MemberPress user, we’d love for you to try this new integration. You can get it for free here. If you have any questions or feedback, please share it in the comments below.

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