Introducing The Submissions And Nominations Add-On

Our team is continuously working to improve the BadgeOS plugin for our users. During this process, we have decided to revamp the BadgeOS Core plugin to make it more lightweight. This will allow us to release more plugins, updates, and fixes for our users in less time.  For this reason, BadgeOs is excited to announce the launch of “Submissions and Nominations” as a separate add-on. The submission and nomination features you know and love will still be available for free, but will no longer be a part of the BadgeOs Core plugin.

With the new add-on, you will have access to the previous features that allow users to earn achievements and ranks through admin reviewed submissions and nominations. Website administrators can manage, approve, or reject submissions and nominations through a simple process. Submissions can also be automatically accepted using the plugin. Using shortcodes, Submission, and Nomination forms are added to the front-end of your site. Additionally, admins get notified about add-on activity with email notifications.

Note: If you were previously using Submissions and Nominations as a part of the BadgeOS core, don’t worry. No data will be lost.

We hope you will have a better experience with BadgeOs Core features and Submissions and Nominations as a result of this change. You can download this plugin for free directly from the WordPress Directory. Give it a try and give the add-on a rating to let us know about your experience. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback in the comments below.

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