Good News! What Credly sunsetting means for BadgeOS users

If you are one of the BadgeOS+Credly users, you may have seen the email about Credly sun setting its older platform.  Two years ago,  Credly acquired Pearson’s Acclaim business to become an even stronger digital credentials platform.  While you may now connect your BadgeOS site to Credly’s Acclaim network for an annual subscription fee, we have worked really hard in bringing the features you’ve enjoyed with Credly to the FREE BadgeOS core plugin, out of the box. You may have used Credly for one of the following reasons,

  1. Open Badge Compliance
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Badge Builder
  4. Email Notifications

All of these are all possible within BadgeOS. Let’s briefly discuss each of them:

1. Open Badge Compliance

“Open Badges” are verifiable, portable digital credentials with embedded metadata about skills and achievements.   A compliant Open Badge looks something like this: 

One of the major reasons you may have been using Credly was to take advantage of the FREE open badge compliant platform.  Connecting your BadgeOS site with Credly, was the only way to issue OB compliant badges within WordPress. And now, you can do that without connecting to Credly.

2. Social Sharing

One of the other amazing features Credly offers is the ability to share the badges across different social media platforms. Since each badge had a direct URL, you could also use the embed code to display the badge anywhere on the web. We went ahead and created an add-on that will allow you to do that without connecting with Credly. Over time, we will continue to add more platforms to this add-on and keep adding more ways to make the sharing easier.

3. Badge Builder

We have also created another BadgeOS add-on that allows you to design your own badges from within your WordPress dashboard. Several people have already downloaded the add-on and we have received some great feedback.

4. Email Notifications

We have also added Email Notifications to the new BadgeOS 3.6 update. Email Notification feature allows you to send instant custom emails to the achievements/ranks/points earners.
Some of the examples or email customization are,
  • Use your own logo at the top of the email.
  • Add custom email footer text.
  • Add custom ‘Email From’ name and email address.
  • Add a custom subject and message.
You can also disable any email notification that you like. For a detailed overview, please see the documentation section here.

What’s Next:

In the next BadgeOS update, you can expect the following features,

  • A new layout for BadgeOS Settings that will include new options and will be easier to navigate
  • Rest API for BadgeOS to award points/achievements/ranks
  • Rest API for BadgeOS to deduct points/achievements/ranks
  • New functionality such as the ability to award points/achievements/ranks for visiting specific pages or posts and award points/achievements/ranks on listening to audio clips or watching videos

We will be writing a new blog article separately to cover this in more detail. Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to post in the comments below, or get in touch with us.

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