BadgeOS Extension Library 2019-03-30T15:33:51-05:00

A growing catalog of free and premium extensions that enhance the functionality of the powerful BadgeOS system.

This add-on allows for multiple groups within your BadgeOS site and the right permissions for management, approval, and reporting of each group.

Create a visual display of activities showing progres leading to larger accomplishments.

A widget that allows the site creator to display badge activities or achievements available to be completed.

Automatically displays an overlay "pop-up" window congratulating users as they earn achievements.

Allows users to earn achievements or badges on your site by clicking on a link that you can place virtually anywhere.

Easily create, configure and add leaderboards to your BadgeOS site.

Issue badges for a range of community activity and display them on user profiles and activity feeds, through integration with BuddyPress and bbPress.

Allow users to earn any Achievement by entering an "Activity Code" on any BadgeOS-enabled WordPress site.

Log in to any WordPress site using your Credly account, without creating a new WordPress username.

Review achievement analytics and downloadable reports on your BadgeOS sites.

Instantly issue badges for lesson, course and quiz activity in the LearnDash learning management system.

Automatically join users to one or more specified BuddyPress Groups when they use a special Invite Code to join your site.

A companion add-on to allow non-logged in users to earn achievements even before they join or login.

Trigger special messages for users after they cross particular achievement and site activity thresholds.

Automatically create achievement types, pages and sample content to jumpstart your own badging system.

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