BadgeOS EDD Integration Addon


The BadgeOS EDD Integration addon fuses BadgeOS with a famous e-commerce plugin, EDD. It lets you award achievements to your users after they have made a purchase on your site. You can now gamify your digital store and boost sales on your site!

Add-On Features

  • You can now have customised options for rewarding achievements. Your users will an engaging experience even after the checkout phase.
  • With the BadgeOS EDD Integration addon, you can manage the sales of your products.
  • By awarding achievements on certain products, you can boost up their demand and increase your revenue and profit.
  • BadgeOS is powered by¬†Credly, who offer endless options for creating, styling and customising badges. You can now have a unique style of award for each of your achievements.
  • The BadgeOS EDD Integration addon is designed to enhance the experience of your users and make the process of making purchases on your site, more rewarding.
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