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    Grant Goodwill


    I’ve been trying to get some support for the Interactive Progress Map, however I can’t find a dedicated forum and this is the only forum I have permissions to post in and haven’t had a reply to my emails.

    On our page, the progress map is aligned left and only shows 6 badges per row, is it possible (be it by editing the css files or something else) to make the content centred and if possible make more badges appear on a row?

    Please let me know if you need more info.



    Grant Goodwill



    Chris La Pilusa

    Hi Grant,

    Thank you for contacting us. While we are supporting the Interactive Progress Map, we are not currently pursuing any modifications with regards to layout or customization.

    You can still feel free to modify this plugin independently to meet the needs of your site.

    Thank you.


    Grant Goodwill

    So it’s by design that the whole site is left aligned on this page? Including header and footer etc?

    This doesn’t seem right.


    Grant Goodwill

    Is it by design?

    It’s not just the progress map that left aligns – the whole page (header, footer etc) is left aligned on the page with the progress map embedded.

    This isn’t necessarily custom modifications I’m looking for, more to make a teak to issues caused by the plugin.


    Grant Goodwill

    To say people on these forums have paid for a product, it’s quite shocking the lack of response not only I but everyone on here is getting.


    Tracy Young

    I wish I saw this post before I bought the product… My issue is this add-on seems to prevent the preview changes working correctly..

    any ideas?


    adam goodwin

    Finally there is an update for this the progress map..

    It has fixed a few issues ~ but now I am wondering if I really want to trust software developers that don’t seem to care! The above issues were from nearly a year ago! A YEAR AGO!!! What if the whole plugin stops?

    WPAchievements (Which I also purchased) has now updated their plugin too, and are replying / offering support again.

    They are promising new features too.. What to do? Any ideas?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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