BadgeOS Stands Alone

We have been listening to you and one of the feedback themes we consistently hear is: “How can we create & issue standards compliant Open Badges” within our WP sites.  Releasing these two exciting new add-ons should help us all stand alone!   

The BadgeOS Social Sharing add-on allows your users to share open badges on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more – directly from your BadgeOS powered WordPress site. 

The add-on enables the admin to create and issue Open Badges – verifiable, shareable, portable digital badges with embedded metadata about achievements.  Your site’s users complete pre-defined tasks and earn badges (or points) that build toward recognition of skills and achievements.  

CLICK HERE for more info on Social Sharing of Open Badges with BadgeOS.


BadgeOS Badge Builder add-on allows you to easily create beautiful badge images right from the Achievement edit page. 

BadgeOS Badge Builder allows you to create professional, distinctive badges for different BadgeOS achievements or achievement types – in minutes!  

CLICK HERE for more information on the BadgeOS Badge Builder. 


Finally, a note about Points.

We often feel that the detailed point system in BadgeOS is underappreciated. This powerful tool set was enhanced in Version 3.0. BadgeOS then began to allow you to set-up an unlimited number of point types, rewarding your users for completing WordPress events. If you are using “BOS Points” please let us know.  We’d like to highlight your work in a newsletter and share your success with the broader BadgeOS community.

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