Using BadgeOS With Paid Memberships Pro

Our team has recently launched a new integration for BadgeOS with the Paid Membership Pro plugin. Rewards can be powerful motivators to keep your subscribers interested and active on the site.  Through the BadgeOS framework, you can award points, achievements, and ranks to your site users as a reward for their site interactions and membership subscriptions.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the different Paid Memberships Pro activities you can use as triggers for achievements, ranks, and point awards.

BadgeOS Paid Membership Pro Triggers

With this BadgeOS Integration, you can use several Paid Membership Pro activities as triggers to award achievements, ranks, or points. Some of the triggers you can use include:

  •  A user buys any membership
  • A user enrolls in a free membership
  • A user enrolls in a paid membership
  • A user buys any subscription

Using these triggers the admin can set up a complete reward system on their membership site and boost engagement. Here are some ideas on how you can use these triggers to build your own reward system:

  • Reward Users With A Badge For Enrolling In A Membership

With this add-on, you have the option to set up different achievements for subscriptions. For example you can create a special badge for enrolling on a paid membership and a separate one for enrolling on a free membership. For existing members, you can also award a badge for membership renewals.

  • Build A Hierarchy Based On Membership Status

Users enrolling in a paid membership as opposed to a free one could have access to a higher rank and a greater amount of points, helping you establish a hierarchy between your users. Hierarchy can also be based on seniority. For example, you can award a user with an exclusive rank for renewing their membership a certain number of times.

  • Revoke Achievements and Ranks When Memberships Are Cancelled

Losing points and awards is good motivation to encourageme users to renew their memberships. With the BadgeOS Paid Membership Pro Integration, you can revoke achievements and ranks when a user cancels their membership or lets their membership expire.  You can easily set-up by enabling the “Revoke Achievements on Cancel/Expiry feature.


Are you a PMPro user? We’d love to hear your opinion about this new FREE plugin and its membership gamification features. Make sure to download the BadgeOS Paid Membership Pro Integration and give us your feedback. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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