5 ways you can use Badgeos to boost your membership site engagement

Gamification is a technique used to increase members’ interest in simple tasks by making them feel more fun and game-like. BadgeOS, a gamification plugin, lets you easily create achievements, award points,  issue shareable badges, and ranks for your members to keep them engaged with your membership site’s activity and content. With this plugin, you can define specific actions or steps you wish site members to complete in order to earn achievements and points.

In this post, we’ll look at 5 ways you can use the different gamification elements available with BadgeOS effectively on your membership site.

1. Empower Your Members 

The possibility of earning points makes interacting with your website more fun and rewarding. Point rewards can encourage your users not only to spend more time on the site but to spend money on your products. 

To make memberships more attractive to your users, you can give them a small number of points for daily interactions such as visiting the site, while giving them a large number of points for purchasing a membership. For example, if a daily login is rewarded with 1 point and a membership purchase is rewarded with 100 points, the incentive to purchase will be greater. Once users collect a certain amount of points, they can be awarded a badge, a new rank, or redeem their points for a gift.

2. Introduce A Sense Of Competition

BadgeOS achievements, points, and ranks can be displayed on leaderboards for all members to see. Site members will be able to identify the users with the highest ranks, exclusive achievements, and the most points, creating a sense of healthy competition. 

Include rewards for purchasing or renewing a membership and your users will be motivated to complete these actions to move up the leaderboard.

3. Create A Sense Of Achievement

Video games almost always include missions or quests with several tasks that users must complete. This type of game design is effective because it takes advantage of our desire to feel successful and accomplished. You can apply a similar set-up in your membership site to create a sense of achievement among users. Using BadgeOS achievement types, you can create quests or missions and include purchasing a membership as a step. Users can earn badges as they complete each step in a quest.

4. Build A Member Hierarchy

BadgeOS ranks allow you to build a hierarchy for your site’s members. For example, ranks can be earned by renewing a membership a certain number of times. This way you can give your senior members that have renewed their memberships the highest status on the site. You can give ranks based on how many subscriptions users renew.

5. Profit Of Loss Aversion

Psychology has shown that people are more motivated to act in an effort to prevent a loss than to make a gain. This concept can be applied to your reward system by using point deductions and revoking achievements and ranks for unwanted member behavior. For example, you can deduct points and revoke achievements when a user downgrades their membership.

Bottom Line

BadgeOS provides an easy way to implement gamification strategies and build a custom reward system on any membership site. You can start applying the gamification ideas we introduced in this post by using any of our available membership integrations: BadgeOS Paid Memberships Pro Integration, BadgeOS Restrict Content Pro Integration, or BadgeOS Memberpress Integration. If you have any questions or feedback, please share it in the comments below. You can also find helpful information by joining our BadgeOS community on Facebook.

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