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    could you tell me what this means:

    “Have the filters set to false aka not show, and provide a user.”

    In particular if you could specify what filters you are talking about and where I can find them in the code, and what to type in that would be great. I assume set to false just means =”false”

    What does “provide a user” mean?

    I need to know what you mean by “provide.” How do I “provide”?

    I suppose “a user” means the user ID?

    Some clarification might help me to begin to ask the question “how do I provide a user?” but first I have to know what this means.



    Alan Klima
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    The IDs are handled in wordpress and membermouse which is a membership plugin.

    This is a fairly intuitive function and it’s surprising it’s not built into BadgeOS:

    It makes sense that a user should get a display of badges earned, not badges unearned. (Or that badges unearned are grayed out).

    Maybe you could pass that on, as I hope it’s obvious, from a motivational perspective in use, how that would be one of the most basic functions imaginable for a badge system. Personally, I can’t think of anything at all more basic than that.

    So, I’m not a coder but I can find my way around code if I have instructions I can follow, and also I do already have someone on hand to help me. If you could help with some specific instructions I can probably make this work, but it needs to be specific.

    That would be incredibly powerful if I could enable this on my site.

    Thanks so much for your attention!

    Alan Klima
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    I can read a little code and can copy/paste code if I know where to put it.

    Css sounds like a good option because it’s update proof, probably.

    But I do have someone who can help me if you give me the instructions.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)