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Any BadgeOS site can be designed to your specific context, user interface (UX) needs and expectations of your audience, and your organization’s brand and identity. While there are many WordPress Themes available to use, some situations call for a UX that is unique to your program.  Custom themes for BadgeOS sites offer many advantages, such as:

  • Bring forth plugin features through differentiated templates.
  • Make site upgrades easy without drastic changes to the visual presentation of the site.
  • Customize your site’s functionality in ways that are unique to your theme.
  • Eliminate the need for those managing your site to need to learn code.

Custom Themes and UX for BadgeOS

Our innovative design team combines its deep knowledge of badge-empowered, and learning, engagement, and community-centered sites
with an exceptional ability to hone in and understand your unique needs. They’ve designed many custom WordPress themes, including many striking ones sitting on
top of BadgeOS. See some of their work below.

Sample Screens from the YMCA of Greater NY BadgeOS-based program:

Selections from the Dallas Museum of Art’s System Built on BadgeOS:

NYC Department of Education UX for Digital Literacy Program: