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Mobile Apps on BadgeOS 2019-03-30T18:24:20-04:00

Making your badge-based experiences mobile extends where and how and for whom you reward and recognize achievement. Whether it be for a population of learners, employees, clients or community members, BadgeOS is a powerful underlying application platform for any mobile experience.

Our mobile team offers strategic, design and development services to bring your mobile vision to life. We create beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use.

A BadgeOS-based iPad app. Members scan their membership card to login, get credit, and earn badges and points for meeting fitness goals.

An iPad app powered by BadgeOS provides immediate feedback as users track their physical activity on site at YMCA branches in NYC.


An example of using SMS for checking into activities from a cell phone. The innovative program at the Dallas Museum of Art is built on BadgeOS.


Visitors at the DMA also use an iPad app running on top of BadgeOS to engage in a membership and rewards program.