Displaying Submissions and Nominations

///Displaying Submissions and Nominations
Displaying Submissions and Nominations 2019-08-14T06:34:55-04:00

Using the following functions and shortcodes you can display the submission and nomination forms, comments, attachments, approval buttons and/or responses wherever you like.

badgeos_render_nomination( $nomination, $args )
Render a given nomination.

badgeos_render_submission( $submission, $args )
Render a given submission.

badgeos_render_submission_attachment( $attachment )
Render a given submission attachment.

badgeos_get_comments_for_submission( $submission_id )
Render all comments for a given submission.

badgeos_render_submission_comment( $comment_id, $odd_or_even )
Render a specific comment with a class of ‘odd’ or ‘even’.

badgeos_render_feedback_buttons( $feedback_id = 0 )
Render the approve/deny buttons for a given submission or nomination.

Helpful Shortcodes:

[badgeos_nomination] – Display the nomination form
[badgeos_nominations] – Display nominations
[badgeos_submission] – Display the submission form
[badgeos_submissions] – Display submission responses